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Seoul Food: 시골밥상 | Country Table Hannam-dong

Seoul Food: 시골밥상 | Country Table Hannam-dong

The full name to this place is 곽경찬의 시골밥상 (Kwak Gyung Chan's Country Table), but it makes sense to just shorten it to 시골밥상, or Country Table. Okay fine, it's probably more like Country Dining but I'm just giving you the literal translation.

In any case, this has quickly become one our favorite little spots in the area. It's a tiny little hole in the wall with literally five tables, two of which are up on a platform where you have to take your shoes off. The first time Bryan and I went, it was one of those -20°C days with a -100°C wind chill, and we had to keep our coats on while eating because it was so cold inside too.


How this restaurant works: it's ₩8,000 per person, and that gets you a bowl of rice, a soup and all of the 20+ side dishes that are featured that day. You can add on other classic dishes, like a dried fish that's grilled to perfection for ₩10,000 (you can choose from 굴비, dried yellow corvina or 갈치, cutlassfish), or 계란찜, a steamed egg that's light and fluffy for ₩3,000.


The last time we went with our friend Yoonie, we ordered the steamed egg, dried yellow corvina, bulgogi hot pot and a massive seafood pancake. All of that in addition to the sides was definitely way overboard, and I'd say the seafood pancake was really unnecessary, especially at ₩15,000, but the size definitely matched the price.


It's a great no-frills, visually stunning experience, especially if you haven't been to a restaurant before that serves a lot of 반찬 (side dishes). It really goes to show how filling and delicious just having rice and the sides can be, and a great way to make the sides the real star of the meal.


We got lucky both times we went and were able to get seated right away. I'd definitely say you should have a backup plan just in case since there aren't many seats, but I do think it's worth a wait.


시골밥상 | Country Table Hannamdong
서울특별시용산구이태원로 235
Itaewon-ro 235, Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong
Open 24 hours

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