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Life in Seoul: June 2018

Life in Seoul: June 2018

Where did June go? I thought I'd have more time in June to make more videos but apparently having a dog who doesn't like it when I'm on my computer makes it a bit difficult to do everything I had planned. Will try harder in July. I have so many video clips to edit together and share! Like a June mega-reel.


Kunu is settling into our routine and we're adjusting ours for him too. We're fortunate that he's very housebroken, so even if he needs to pee or poop desperately, he will hold it for as long as he can. We usually take him out around 7am with a last walk around 10:30pm, and he looooves his walks. Goodbye, sleep-in-til-noon Sundays. You were great.


We discovered that he might have a food allergy. We switched his food and stopped giving him treats, but I also mapped his three vomit incidents to days he had anything with peanut butter in it. So I think he might have a peanut allergy, which is unfortunate because he seemed to enjoy the tiny bit of peanut butter I gave him (until it may have made him throw up).

Our friend Crystal stayed our place while we were gone for a week and took care of him. I swear when we came back (at 6am on a Tuesday morning), Kunu had this look on his face like, "omg WHAT. you're BACK?! i can't believe YOU GUYS ARE BACK YOU DIDN'T REALLY LEAVE ME FOREVER YAYYYYYY" and just wanted to play all morning. Little did he know that we were going to the vet later that day for a bunch of shots.

Kunu did great at the vet though! He had two vaccine boosters, as well as a blood test for heartworm. He just sat still while it all happened! I'm so glad he didn't squirm too much. Korean law requires all dogs to be microchipped, vaccinated and to be tested for heartworm (apparently the vicious mosquitos here carry the virus). Thank the Lord that he tested negative for heartworm, and he just needs two more vaccines in a week or so we can do the microchipping. And apparently it won't be too complicated in terms of paperwork to bring him back to the States!


Oh, and Bryan got a dog backpack so carry Kunu around. He came with us on an Itaewon bar crawl and I think we exhausted him.


Most importantly, my sister got married! So Bryan and I went to the states for a week (subtract two days for travel back). We had a whirlwind 24 hours in NYC where we got to see a bunch of our friends we miss dearly (I also drank too much wine and ate late-night pizza) and saw friends and fam at my sister's wedding.


The wedding was beautiful—she looked gorgeous, of course, and I did her makeup to just accentuate her gigantic eyes and cheekbones. My parents both cried and I didn't look at them at all so I wouldn't start sobbing. Sister wore the same veil I did—our mama's, which one of our aunts made for her when she came to moved to States to get married. I ate way too much fast food that weekend and didn't get to have any Wawa, but that's probably for the best. I re-wrote my speech the night before and a lot of people enjoyed it! Thanks for the laughs. Jess (& Jin), hope you don't mind me exposing your dating saga :)

The flight to New York was pretty rough, but on the way back we both got complimentary upgrades to business class which was amaaaazing. My jetlag when I came back to Korea wasn't as bad as it usually is, and I was pretty fully functioning all day until 8:30pm when I passed out (only to wake up again at 10pm because we had to take Kunu out).

Other things:

  • I wrote this long-ass post about how I'm learning to reprioritize my life. It was scary to write and terrifying to publish. But then the comments that came in have been really comforting for me to know that so many of my friends all feel similarly or have been going through the same thoughts. Love you gals.
  • We found some cute new bars, partially out of expanding our repertoire and partially out of needing pet-friendly places to drink. One of our new favorites is this litle gem, Pocket. They have rosé wine! Like real rosé! And it's pretty good! We also found a little cafe called 녹사다리 that has a super-cute outdoor space and it's a good stop-by if we go out Kyungridan and walking back towards Itaewon.
  • I finally went to Hansel and Gretel, which is a cheese shop in our neighborhood. They actually had real pancetta!!!! Not even the top department store grocers had it, so I can't believe I found it. It was definitely pricier than I've ever paid in the US, but I was just so happy to be able to cook with pancetta that I just bought it.
  • We went to a new cafe in our neighborhood, called Cafe Baaa. Like a sheep. It was super cute and the manager and baker let us bring Kunu inside. The baked goods looked incredible but we were too full from lunch to have any. Now we’ll pass by from time to time during his walk to say hi and she likes to cme outside and say hi to Kunu. <3
  • I've been keeping a jar of bagna cauda in my fridge at all times and it's actually the most convenient sauce/condiment I've ever made. It's really wonderful over rice and sunny side up eggs with a hint of parmesan for a different kind of eggs & rice for breakfast. If I make a fresh batch of pasta, it's a sauce that's at the ready. Looooove.
  • Rainy season started in Korea. My coworkers told me it'll last about 2 weeks, others have said it'll be a month. Either way, it's sort of a crapshoot and I'm just ready to be drenched with frizzy hair for the next month or so.

Okay, that's pretty much it for this month! Here's my monthly plea for y'all to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Kthxbye!


​Seoul Drinks: The Hand and Malt 더 핸드앤몰트 - Gwanghwamun

​Seoul Drinks: The Hand and Malt 더 핸드앤몰트 - Gwanghwamun

Taking my foot off the pedal (for now)

Taking my foot off the pedal (for now)