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Travel Tips, Part 1: Packing Up & On the Plane

Travel Tips, Part 1: Packing Up & On the Plane

I have a pretty fun job that takes me to Paris three times a year plus any other necessary work trips. I try to get to Las Vegas once a year and now my new thing is to see how often I can tag along with my fiancé when he goes to LA for work. I'm not a jetsetter per se, but I know my planes and most importantly, I know my skin on planes: DRY.

Korean beauty skincare essentials for travel

About a year and a half into my job and my skin going whacko every time I got on a plane, I saw the model Ji Hye Park on my flight back from Paris. Halfway through the flight, she started fussing with a bunch of skincare products and I saw her put on a sheet mask. On the plane. In the afternoon. Like. A. Boss.

After that, I finally said “f--- it” and started stuffing my carry-on Ziploc toiletries bag with everything I could—including my sheet masks.

Chanel Deauville tote with Korean beauty essentials

I try to buy everything trial-size or save samples, but sometimes samples contain have more product than needed for one-time use or they have no resealing mechanism. I tested a variety of travel-sized containers and found these at Container Store that I love. I love these for shampoos, these for toners, and these for moisturizers and creams. They're Nalgene brand so you can trust that they'll be 99.99% leakproof. I like to label them with a Sharpie and then cover the writing with a piece of clear packing tape. If you skip the tape step, the Sharpie will fade and you might find yourself using the wrong products.

My carryon ziploc always has:

  • Toner/essence
  • Serum
  • Snail cream
  • A thicker moisturizer 
  • Sheet mask
  • Bioderma Crealine travel-size 
  • Cotton pads
  • Makeup removing wipes
Korean skincare travel essentials

As soon as I get on the plane and settle into my seat, I use the makeup removing wipes to take off anything I have on my face. I go over it again with two cotton pads soaked in Bioderma. I found that the makeup wipes didn't remove all my makeup, and I broke out from using the wipes alone. The Bioderma helped remove any extra makeup and rebalance my skin. Then I apply toner, serum, a generous application of snail cream and then lock it all in with moisturizer.

Everyone looks at me like a crazy woman, but honestly, I don’t care. I’d rather look like a nut job than do damage control later on when I break out because I didn’t prep my skin for the flight. 

What’s your favorite skincare travel prep step? Tell me in the comments!

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