Hi, I'm Esther and I'm a Korean-American currently living in Seoul with my husband Bryan.

There's a side to Korea that most people don't really see, since everyone's perceptions of Korea now are mostly based in K-pop or K-beauty. I'm surprised every day how much of my preconceptions of this country have been incorrect, which I want to share with you guys. Also, tips on traveling to Korea, where to eat, what to see and how to tour Seoul like a local.

Given the time difference, it's really hard to FaceTime with everyone we want to keep in touch with, and texts aren't the same. Hopefully the updates we post here give you an idea and a glimpse into our lives here (at least on the weekends) and you get a flavor of what our lives are like.

Why the change? 
Unplastic originally started as a K-beauty blog while I was living in NYC. I moved to Korea in September 2017 and have been looking for new ways to share our life here with our family and friends back home.

I wanted to create a space that feels more personal to me, rather than a person as a "brand". Unplastic slowly started to have diminished meaning to me over the past year or so, and thought it was time for a change.

What does E5 mean?
E for Esther, 5 for my lucky number and birthdate. My AIM screen name (if you don't know what that means then don't worry about it) in college was 'e5thelove', a play on Questlove, and of course I had to get the 5 in there for luck. Over the years, E5 has become one of my nicknames, and many of my friends and even husband call me this.

When are you guys moving back to the States?
Probably in early 2019, so we gotta make the most of this time in Korea! So subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow along in Instagram.


Photo credit:  Jeff Thibodeau

Photo credit: Jeff Thibodeau